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Teachers, students and parents, looking for an answer to a question? Or do you want to do an experiment?  Here are a number of science related web-sites to explore.  

  • Do Science

    This site is full of experiments elementary kids can do at home or in school. The steps to each activity are easy to follow with pictures and graphics to guide them. 

  • Chem4kids (ages 10 – 12)  
    Chem4kids can simplify complex topics with on-screen models and graphics for visual learners.  

  • Science Whatzit (ages 10 – 12)   
    The staff at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and other scientists answers why it is so to dozens of questions submitted.

  • Ask a Scientist (teens)  
    The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has teamed up with 150 scientists and researchers who answer questions related to biology and science. Students can submit a question via e-mail and receive a response.  

  • The Virtual Frog Dissection Kit  
    If you can’t do the real dissection of a frog try exploring the anatomy of a frog by putting this frog back together again.  

  • Help Your Child Explore Science (For Parents)  

    The staff of the National Science Teachers Association discuss key skills your child should acquire and offers ways of encouraging scientific thinking.

Funded by the National Science Foundation