Big Ideas


Perplexing Pairs
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November 6

Growth & Development

November 13

Life Cycle

November 20 Breathing & Gas Exchange
December 4 Breathing and Respiration

December 11

Rotation & Revolution

December 18



January 8

Density, a Ubiquitous Concept Part I

January 15

Density, a Ubiquitous Concept Part II

January 22

The Story of Archimedes

January 29

Weight & Mass

February 5

Archimedes Principle

February 12

The Balloon and the Beach Ball

The Life of a Plant in a Jar

February 26

The Life of A Plant In A Jar - Part I

March 5

The Life of a Plant in a Jar - Part II The Atmosphere

March 12

The Life of a Plant in a Jar - Part III Respiration

March 19

The Life of  A Plant In a Jar - Part IV  Synthesis

April 7

Plant in a Jar Takes a Trip to Atlanta


March 26

Food Glorious Food


April 4

What's The Matter - Part I

April 9

What's The Matter - Part II

May 7

What's The Matter - Part III

May 21

What's The Matter - Part IV

May 28

What's the Matter - Part V


October 1

Energy Part I:  Work

October 8

Energy Part II:  Kinds of Energy

October 15

Energy Part III:  Source of Energy

October 22

Energy Part IV:  Energy Conservation


November 12

Fluids Part I:  Air

November 19 Fluids Part II:  Properties

 2.5 minute video of the "Dissolving Candy" experiment from Fluids Part 2: Properties. It demonstrates the "motion of the balls".

December 3 Fluids Part III:  Temperature & Density
December 10 Fluids Part IV:  Pressure
December 17 Fluids Part V:  Compressibility

Model of Matter

February 25 Part 1  What is Matter?
March 3 Part 2  Tiny Particles in Motion
March 12 Part 3  Rate of Evaporation
March 17 Part 1  Revisited:  Student Responses
March 31 Part 4  Rate of Evaporation 2
April 21 Part 5  Heat
May 5 Part 6  Melting
May 14 Part 7  Thermometers
May 20 Part 8  Getting Students Involved
June 17 Part 9:  Diffusion

Energy & Ecosystems

October 15 Need More (on) Energy?
October 22 Energy and Ecosystems Part 1
October 27 Energy and Ecosystems Part 2
November 7 Energy and Ecosystems Part 3
November 17 Energy and Ecosystems Part 4
December 5 Energy and Ecosystems Part 5
December 21 Energy and Ecosystems Part 6

Energy & The Physical Setting

February 11 Simple Machines Part 1
February 17 Simple Machines Part 2:  Trade-offs
March 16 Simple Machines Part 3: Inclined Plane 1
Simple Machines Part 4:  Friction, Work & Energy in the Inclined Plane
April 01 Simple Machines Part 5:  Inclined Plane 3
The Screw and Wedge
April 08 Simple Machines Part 6:  Levers 1
April 28 Simple Machines Part 7
Lever 2
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