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High Stakes Testing- NSF has funded  supplemental research project that will examine the intersection between teachers' professional development and the requirements of state mandated tests. The gist of them can be found at the resources page at this site. If you wish to use them or even prefer to buy term papers online, contact our editors via form.

This study will examine the whole context for change especially as influenced by what seem to be increasingly prescriptive demands regarding content and pedagogy as manifest in the tests all students are required to take.  The director of this project is Dr. Sandra Mathison.  

Reforming Science Teaching/Learning in a High-Stakes Testing Environment

Study Questions:
What is the policy context for the development of state mandated tests in New York?  Within a historical timeframe, how has NYS come to where it is now?  What are the expected outcomes from NYSED standards and testing policies  and practices?  [These questions will be addressed through a review of documents (including those from NYSED, NYSUT, newspapers, archives, and other sources) as well as interviews with relevant policy makers.]

What is the impact of state mandated tests in contexts where there is substantial teacher professional development support for teachers?  In particular, where are the impacts on teaching, learning, curriculum, and student experiences?  Are there conflicting messages inherent in the intents of the professional development and the NYS tests?  If so, how are these conflicts resolved?  How do the 4th and 8th grade science tests evolve in the NYS policy and practice context, i.e., do they become high stakes and if so how?

[These questions will be addressed through the fieldwork component of the study that will involve all schools to some extent and one elementary and middle school in each district to a greater extent.]


Creating a Culture of Preparedness:  One Suburban School's Experiences with High-Stakes Testing
Make It a Great Day or Not.  The Choice is Yours:  Teaching & Learning Amidst Low Test scores in an Urban Middle School.
Doing the Best on the Tests:  A Suburban Elementary School's Response to High Stakes Test
Finding a Path In A High Stakes Environment:  One City Elementary School's Experience with State Standards & Testing
Constraining Elementary Teachers' Work:  Dilemmas & Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing

Annotated Bibliography of Research on High Stakes Testing in K-12 Schooling

Hemlock's Stand
One Urban Elementary School's Efforts to Raise Test Scores


Sandra Mathison, Director    |    , Project Coordinator


Funded by the National Science Foundation

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