Science Inquiries

Perplexing Pairs

November 6

Growth & Development

November 13

Life Cycle

November 20 Breathing & Gas Exchange
December 4 Respiration

December 11

Rotation & Revolution

December 18



January 8

Density, a Ubiquitous Concept Part I

January 15

Density, a Ubiquitous Concept Part II

January 22

The Story of Archimedes

January 29

Weight & Mass

February 5

Archimedes Principle

February 12

The Balloon and the Beach Ball

The Life of a Plant in a Jar

February 26

The Life of A Plant In A Jar - Part I

March 5

The Life of a Plant in a Jar - Part II The Atmosphere

March 12

The Life of a Plant in a Jar - Part III Respiration

March 19

The Life of  A Plant In a Jar - Part IV  Synthesis


March 26

Food Glorious Food


April 4

What's The Matter - Part I

April 9

What's The Matter - Part II

May 7

What's The Matter - Part III

May 21

What's The Matter - Part IV

May 28

What's the Matter - Part V